Higher Quality Local Business Listings!

Imagine having your local business being listed on no less than 70 local business listings for just a one-time payment. Got the picture? Good.

What if we tell you that, with CDM's Local Listing service that is exactly what you will get?

And we're just getting started.

With CDM's Local Listing service, your local business gets to enjoy:

  • That many business listings
  • Listings that are permanent
  • Ownership of the listings
  • Avoidance of an annual cost that other companies charge!

With us, you can forget about renting business listings.
We give local businesses the opportunity to enjoy more control over their listings.

CDM's Local Listing service truly is the smarter, not to mention more cost-effective option.

Not only do we give you that much more, but we allow you to keep what you paid for. Some of the other companies offering this service will remove your listings once you discontinue the service.

Higher Ranks on Google:

Ask any local business owner about their goals and there is a fair chance that you might hear how they want their local business to rank higher on Google. We make this possible by ensuring that Google indexes your high quality local business settings so you can enjoy a higher rank on Google.

We take your local business settings as seriously as you do.

The fact that we have an account rep that personally optimizes your business listings making them more Google-friendly is a testament to that.

Local Listing Service: The Breakdown

70 Local Search Listings:
CDM's Local Listing Service puts you on 70 high quality local business settings. Best part? They are hand-picked!

When we say we put your business on 70 best local business listings, we mean putting your business on 70 best local business listings. Unlike some other services which claim to put you on a number different "platforms" but in reality a number of them aren't even local business listings -- CDM's Local Listing Service promises what it delivers.

Top Quality Listings:
Working with CDM's Local Listing Service is getting value for your money.

We don't put you on just any local business listings, but specifically look for the top 70 which Google actually values!

Ownership of Your Listings:
Do you wish to be signed up as the legal owner of your listings? CDM's Local Listing Service is happy to accommodate that. As proof of ownership, once we are done with the process we hand you your username and password. Your listings are now yours to keep, forever.

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars annually and still not getting good results?Work with us for a one-time payment and experience local business listings like never before!

Google Indexing:
CDM's Local Listing Service submits all your listings to Google©s index. This way, your business listings actually get noticed not just floating about the internet making zero impact!

Work With SEO Professionals:
Some companies have their clients optimize their listings.

We believe in having a professional do it for you.

Orders placed with us are reviewed by one of our in house SEO experts before they are filled. The SEO expert makes sure that no stone is left unturned for giving your local business the best chance possible to rank the highest on Google.

Elimination of Duplicate Entries:
Do you know what harms your ranking on Google? Multiple profiles of your business on the same site! The SEO expert handling your order manually identifies your duplicates just to ensure that we really get all the duplicates detected and have them removed. Automated tools used for handling duplicates do not do a very good job.

Correct Old and/or Bad Data:
Whether you have introduced some changes into your local business or made some revisions, or you simply have some incorrect information out there on your business listings, CDM's Local Listing Service will correct them all and again, manually.

Access to Enhanced Content:
Want to add enhanced content like photos, descriptions, services, hours of operations, Facebook and Twitter links etc. to your listings? Now you can!

Everything is Manual:
At CDM's Local Listing Service, we believe in going through things and doing them manually for just one simple reason: doing things automatically means higher chances of missing things, which is not the case in our process because we do everything by hand for you!

Get Your Google Ranking Report:
Want to be kept in the loop on how well your local business in ranking on Google? We'd be happy to accommodate. Periodically, we will have a ranking report sent straight to your inbox so you can keep track of the progress.

Signing Up for CDM's Local Listing Service

Liked what you read so far?

Planning to sign up with us? Well, the sign up process for CDM's Local Listing Service is pretty simple. Fill out the contact form on the right and let us know you want our Local Listing Service, or call us at 1-800-295-6458. We'll review your site, answer any questions and quote your one-time fee. We'll send you a payment link to start the process.

Once you make the payment, we'll send you a Business Info Form where you give us the particulars about your local business.

We have all that information looked over by one of our SEO professionals to make sure they have everything ready before they can proceed with things. This is the step where they look for duplicates, correct/remove misleading content etc.

Then we manually submit your local business by hand to our 70 local business listings and index them with Google.

Within a matter of weeks, we make you the owner of the listings by giving you a spreadsheet with your business listings, usernames and passwords.

And you're done.

So, go ahead and place your order with CDM's Local Listing Service now!

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