Ecommerce Overview

Ecommerce OverviewEcommerce, also known as online selling, online store, online shopping cart, web store, etc. To put it plainly, ecommerce solutions enable you to buy and sell goods and services on the world wide web.

The most common types of ecommerce are Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). There are many advantages to selling online:

  • Extend your current market to the world, or manage a start-up business right from your home office.
  • Offer services and products for sale 24-7.
  • Compete with larger competitors.
  • Bring you business to the next level without the typical overhead costs.
  • Increase product or service awareness
  • Increase revenue
  • Maintain customer relationships 24-7.

Yes, ecommerce makes it all easier ... or maybe not. Before embarking onto an ecommerce platform, think through the entire online experience and be sure the package you choose can handle all your needs. Most times, it's easier and less expensive to start with a ready-made package, but you need to be sure that the package is capable of handling all of your business needs and can be customized to fine tune the areas that need adjustment.

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