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The internet is a wonderful place to reach out worldwide and conduct business, however, it is wide open to hackers and individuals who find pleasure in cracking code and causing destruction. It is imperative that you keep current with security upgrades, as soon as they are released.

Security upgrade files are available from VP-ASP. The upgrade will include all the files effected by the upgrade changes. You will need to make a complete copy of your existing site as a backup, then overwrite updatable files with new ones. If you have added any custom code to your site, you will need to conduct a file comparison to determine if the changes will effect your code. If they do, you may have to add the VP-ASP manually, or vice versa, add you custom code to the new page.

We offer two options for keeping your site secure.

  1. Ecommerce Hosting Plan with VP-ASP Support: $74.95/mo.
    CDMWeb offers e-mail technical support for VP-ASP packages hosting on our servers. This supports covers the basic functionality of the program (off-the-shelf), as well as installation of security upgrades as they become available. Programming, Gateway setup, and other technical support is quoted individually.

  2. Per Incident Support: $125.00/hr.
    Technical support is available on an as needed basis. Estimates are provided per incident. We will first conduct a review of your site to determine if any upgrades are missing. We will then provide you with a quote to update your site with the latest security changes.

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