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Your VP-ASP license may be upgraded by going to the VP-ASP Ugrade page on the on the VP-ASP website. The upgrade will include all the files effected by the upgrade changes. You will need to make a complete copy of your existing site as a backup, then overwrite updatable files with new ones. If you have added any custom code to your site, you will need to conduct a file comparison to determine if the changes will effect your code. If they do, you may have to add the VP-ASP manually, or vice versa, add you custom code to the new page.

If you purchased VP-ASP from Coastal Data Management, we will gladly obtain the upgrade files for you, price will be determined by VP-ASP regulations. Installation will be quoted separately.

VP-ASP Version Upgrade Service:
Our VP-ASP Upgrade services includes obtaining your upgrade license, conducting a file comparison, and manually editing/adding custom code. This service is quoted on an individual basis, as each site is unique.

Contact us at 508-996-2039.

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